HUMAN is Live!

Yes, HUMAN is Live and Available on Amazon!

HUMAN was published on Amazon as a Kindle eBook

In this world full of open questions and uncertainty HUMAN is the story of people engaging to cope with what they perceive and experience. This future world is easy, yet strange to live in as a human.

Queen with its AI-powered, mysterious operations is providing people virtually everything. The role of a human being is to enjoy. New controlling orders, regular bright light sessions and queen bots raise suspicions.

However, we can evidence those who are human. Queen wants to make clear there is a difference between them and human. What will people do? Will they learn something about themselves, the world and Queen? The stakes are high in this adventure about what we can call human.

HUMAN is a timely book in this era of Artificial Intelligence. HUMAN seeks to be a timeless story touching both our generations and the future generations to come.

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