About Tomi Kauppinen


I'm Tomi Kauppinen, author of HUMAN. From childhood, my passions spanned reading, arts, music, science, and travel, fueling diverse studies from computer science and philosophy to film theory and mathematics. My first real career was five+ years in data visualization and online business bolstered by eclectic experiences, like working in Paris to learn French and travelling to see the world.

Amidst industry work, I gravitated toward writing and research, pursuing a PhD in intelligent systems. My academic journey, spanning cognitive systems, AI, visual communication, spatial information, and online learning, covers 30+ countries via speeches, projects and collaborations. Passion drives me at the nexus of exploration, research, design, and education, leveraging storytelling, AR, and human interactions, with a creative and open attitude, yet also critical eye on AI's impact.

Host of the Cloud Reachers podcast, and author of HUMAN and co-editor of 'Design Education Across Disciplines,' my hobbies merge cyber-physical pursuits with literature, photography, physical exercises & sports and film. Through my books, workshops, projects, teaching, lab, and keynotes, I aspire to open doors for experiencing engaging adventures, fostering invaluable learning experiences, facing philosophical questions, and contributing to designing a world that is both exhilarating and human.